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Frequently Asked Questions

Reliable Answers to Our Most Common Questions

Pro Vent Services is committed to your complete satisfaction, which is why we strive to offer the most consistent, reliable, and affordable HVAC and Duct cleaning services around. Our team of experienced professionals has taken the time to answer some of our most frequently asked questions for your convenience.
Q1. Why is it necessary to have my furnace and ducts cleaned?
All air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems collect bacteria, fungi, mould and other contaminants that reduce indoor air quality. Not only can the air become unpleasant, but it can negatively impact the health of those breathing it. While some bacteria and dust in the air you live in are natural and assist in building your immune system, excessive and over-exposure can cause an array of health and respiratory problems.
Q2. What is sanitizing and when is it necessary?
Envirocon is an environmentally friendly bacteriostat, fungistat and all-purpose deodorizer that is specific to the HVAC industry. It is highly effective in eliminating odour-causing microorganisms at the origin. It does not contain any perfumes or masking agents and is safety-rated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Envirocon is particularly useful in systems where rodents or when a building has had water or fire damage. It is also widely used as an all-purpose deodorizer.
Q3. How much does a furnace cleaning cost?
The answer to this question varies depending on the size of the home/building being cleaned. Our power whip package includes the cleaning of one residential furnace, all main lines and up to ten vents. There is an additional charge for each vent over ten.
Q4. Is there a KM charge?
All cleanings within the City of Edmonton and 10 km beyond the city limits do not have an additional charge. Each km beyond those limits will be charged at $10.00 per km. Please call us to inquire about the travel charges for your location.
Q5. Some companies charge an environmental fee as well as a dirt disposal fee. Do you?
No, we do not charge either of these fees. Many companies will charge these fees to all of their customers. It allows the company to make a lot more money while hiding the travel charges in those fees. At Pro Vent Services, we do not feel it fair to increase rates for everyone to hide travel charges. Therefore, we charge a reasonable travel charge of $10.00 per km to those customers who live outside Edmonton and St. Albert limits.
Q6. What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, cheque, VISA, or Master Card at the time of service.
Q7. How long will the cleaning take?
For thorough cleaning, an average-sized home with one furnace should take two people between 1.5 - 2 hours. If there is only one person, expect the job to take about 3 hours or more.
a) What method of cleaning does the company use? We use an aggressive cleaning process called Power Whip. It is a combination of compressed air and a tool called a power whip that beats the inside of the ductwork.
b) Does the company use a truck-mounted system? -Yes. It built an okay furnace cleaning Box. Large 340 Quincy Compressor -Portable units HyperVac
c) What is all included in the price they are quoting? Furnace inspection, central lines, hot air vents and cold air returns should all be considered.
d) Does the company guarantee their work? If you are not satisfied with your cleaning, the company should work with you to ensure that you are happy.
Q8. My house was just built. Do I still need a furnace and duct cleaning?
When a home is built, construction debris like sawdust and drywall dust often remain in the system. When the furnace is turned on, all that debris will circulate through the home in the air you breathe. Additionally, many new homes are located in subdivisions that are still being developed, resulting in a dustier environment for your family.
Q9. Can I just have my air ducts cleaned, and not my furnace?
No, our process does not allow us to clean air ducts without cleaning the furnace.
Q10. How long does a residential cleaning take?
A 1200 to 1400 sq. ft. home with one furnace will take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to clean. If a home has a second furnace, another 1 to 2 hours will be required, depending on the size of the house. Larger homes may require more time.
Q11. How frequently should I have my furnace and ducting cleaned?
For an average home, we recommend a cleaning every 12 to 18 months. For homes where there are occupants with severe allergies, asthma, or numerous animals, cleaning more often may be necessary.
Q12. Do you clean furnace and ducts all year?
Yes, we do. Once the temperature reaches about -23c, including the wind chill, it causes difficulties with our airlines and becomes necessary for us to reschedule the cleanings. We monitor the forecasts in advance and anticipate these days, but the weather is unpredictable. We appreciate your understanding when colder temperatures make it necessary to reschedule your cleaning to a later date. We will do everything we can to accommodate your appointment promptly on a warmer day.
Q13. We are doing renovations to our home. When should we have our furnace and duct system cleaned?
Most people find it necessary to have a cleaning following renovations. We recommend cleaning after all the upgrades have been completed. Drywall dust, in particular, will continue to circulate through your system until it has been cleaned out.
Q14. I have just had a new furnace installed. Do I still need an HVAC cleaning?
Unless you have just had your system cleaned, the answer is yes. Having a new furnace installed does not remove the dirt and debris that was pre-existing in the ductwork. These pollutants will continue to circulate through the system until they are released.
Q15. What do I have to do to prepare for a residential cleaning?
To clean the home thoroughly, we require access to all the vents. We will happily move furniture from over the top of them and replace them after the cleaning. We clean all the vent covers before putting them back in, having access to a kitchen sink is helpful.
Q16. Is the cleaning going to result in dust coming up through the vents, leaving a mess behind?
No. We cover all the vents in the home, isolating the suction. The vacuum unit is sucking debris out to the truck. Therefore, the air is not being pushed up and out through the vents. Only the vent being cleaned at the time will have the cover removed.
Q17. Does someone have to be home during the cleaning?
Yes, we require someone to be in the house during the cleaning. If you cannot be there due to another commitment, maybe an extended family member or trusted neighbour can assist you. If necessary, we can also reschedule an alternate cleaning time to fit your plans.
Q18. I need to change my appointment. Is there a charge to do so?
No, we do not charge a fee for rescheduling. We aim to accommodate our customers as best we can. When rescheduling, please notify us 24 hours before. This allows us to adjust your new appointment choice better.
Q19. I have to cancel my appointment. What do you charge for a cancellation?
We do not charge a cancellation fee If we receive 24 hours' notice before the appointment. If you cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged a fee of $20.00. We appreciate being notified as far in advance as possible.
Q20. I have pets. What should I do with them for the cleaning?
All pets vary in their reaction to strangers in the home and their tolerance of noise. Many pets have no problem at all during the cleaning and wander freely throughout the house. Most cats will run to a closet or other quiet area to hide during the cleaning and then run from that room to a different one when our staff gets too close. If your pet reacts negatively to strangers, please put them in a pet carrier for the period of the cleaning. This will help your pet feel safer and protect our staff from animals that bite due to fear. Another option may be for a neighbour or friend to watch your pet for a couple of hours. Ultimately, you know your pet best and are therefore the best person to judge what would be best for them.
Q21. It is very cold today. Do you have the furnace off the entire time of the cleaning?
Yes. The furnace will be turned off the entire time. We recommend that you turn up your thermostat for about fifteen minutes before your appointment time during the winter months. The technician will determine the best set-up, trying to run the vac hose through a window. The rest of the window will be closed up either with cardboard or Styrofoam to retain as much heat in your home as possible.
Q22. Do you sell furnace filters?
Yes. We can by Order.
Q23. How often should I change my furnace filter?
Furnace filters should be cleaned or replaced every 2-3 months. This helps to maintain a clear airflow through your HVAC system.
Q24. Do you fix and/or install furnaces as well?
No, we do not. For repairs or to purchase a new furnace, it will be necessary to call a plumbing and heating company.
Q25. Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes, we do! Gift certificates are a great way to surprise a loved one who has everything! They can be purchased in any dollar amount to suit your budget. (If you have a gift certificate to use towards a cleaning, please present it to the technician before the invoice being completed).

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