Our Services

Commercial HVAC Restoration

If you have noticed a decline in the air quality of your commercial property, it might be time to have your HVAC system cleaned or restored. Pro Vac Services is prepared to provide you with quick and quality services so you can enjoy clean air in your commercial property in a timely fashion.

System Sanitizing

Power Whip Package

At Pro Vent Services Inc, we use an aggressive cleaning method called Power Whip. It combines compressed air and a Power Whip tool to provide you with a practical, thorough cleaning.

Please note: Please increase the thermostat for 15 minutes before your appointment time in the winter months. The furnace will be off for the duration of the cleaning. Due to negative pressure in the house, you will not use your fireplace or woodstove during the cleaning.

  • Our residential package includes:
  • Checking the fan belts
  • Cleaning the blower
  • Cleaning the heat exchangers
  • Replacing (disposable) or cleaning (permanent) the filter
  • Cutting an access hole in the plenum if required
  • Removing, cleaning & replacing all vent covers & grills
  • Power Whipping all hot air vents & arteries
  • Cleaning inside all vent
  • Power Whipping all cold air returns
  • Power Whipping all main lines
  • Cleaning the inside & outside furnace surfaces